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Welcome to Acid Gaming

Hello there future AcidGaming member! We are a friendly gaming community currently based around TTT. ​ With a continuously growing community.

Chrispy - requiem for a dream (DuBstep)_(
Chrispy - requiem for a dream (DuBstep)_( ( - Ñêà÷àòü ìóçûêó, mp3, ïåñíè áåñïëàòíî!)


 Donating​​: If you would like to donate to the server, please contact If looking to donate please include the amount, your steam name, a way of contacting you in the email, and hit the donate button below.
Here are the various amounts you may donate.​​
  5$= 5000 Points
10$=​​ 10000 Points + VIP
15$= 50000 Points + VIP
20$= 100000 Points + VIP

30$+= 100000 Points + VIP + Custom Tag. (DONATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME)